'Sometimes she gently nudges us, other times she bludgeons us into thinking about what it is be human, both with the music and the lyrics. This...is what real music is all about.'- Shawn Phillips
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As an artists and musician I have always felt that the limitations of genres and pre determined constructs kills creativity and also greatly affects the listener or onlooker. My music ranges from celtic folk, to contemporary, to dream pop to electronic, and everything in-between... no apologies.
I hope to make a name for myself through honing my skills as a vocalist, storyteller, composer and pianist. 

Events & Projects


2018              "SYNESTHESIA" Music video Launch in "Bright gallery and studio" Woodstock. Matinino spent three months editing three music videos                                covering three different genres. The launch was an opportunity to screen all three videos to a seated audience.The idea behind the music                            videos is to bring light to the notion that the artist sees the world from a different perspective. (Videos and explanation above)

2017             "UNFINISHED" Collaborative gig with dance company Darkroom contemporary. The idea of the show

                      was to create live art through music and dance that is combined the moment it is performed.

                     I performed a show in five parts alongside dance makers ANY BODY ZINE,

                     SOMA_MOVEMENT and Mamela Nyamza! 1 band. 2 square meters. 3 dance makers.                  

                     Endless possibilities. On the spot improvisation. On the spot collaboration. 

2016            "THE UNIVERSE AND ITS DISSONANCE" Legendary folk guitarist and singer Shawn Phillips agreed to do                   

                    a small tour with me at numerous venues in Cape Town. The tour proved to be successful.                                       

                    I proceeded to go work in Shawns studio where I featured on 3 of his tracks as a pianist.

2015           "TOUR IN HOLLAND" I spent 3 months in Holland doing shows in and around Groningen,                                          

                   performing in numerous small venues and theater's.

2014          "FANTASY OF FLIGHT" An exhibition/gig in Tulbagh sponsored by Twee Jonge Gezellen featuring                            

                  the work of Vasek Matousek, Thomas Doorman and the music of Italian                                                                   

                  flutist Allesandro Gigli. (see promo video amongst Youtube videos above)

  2011       "NUMEROUS AFIKABURN SHOWS" For 4 years in a row I performed at an art festival in the desert

- 2015         based on BURNING MAN. I built my own performance spaces, being the first person to build a live music performance stage

                  at AFRIKABURN in 2011, and collaborated with artists such as Anthea Delmotte and Daya Heller. 

                   After the last performance on each structure we burnt the structures down according to the Afrikaburn tradition.           

Please see 


for a formal history and layout of Martinique du Toit's aka Matinino's

past collaborative projects, CV, and proposal for Foreign residency.



This is my ongoing game scoring project.

I have teamed up with Unsigned Double Collective to compose and produce the music for the eclectic platform game.

Our next mission is to travel to Malmo in Sweden for the final round of the Nordic Game contest at the International Nordic game convention.


2020     Biorhythm was an experiment in showcasing Music Videos LIVE before they were launched online to give both the musician and audience members back the tangibility and authenticity of presenting an artwork.



Margot Van Wyk
Martinique du Toit
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